A nice crossover game for fans of each series.

User Rating: 7.7 | Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter EX Edition PS
Not bad... if you played "Xmen vs Street fighter" then you will get a quick grip on this game. But the fact that you can team up Ryu and Spider Man is already an acomplishement. Ha Ha Ha.

Still a nice game control and gameplay... but at times it would feel that some of the characters are a bit to stiff or lack of fighting qualities... which make some wonder why they put those being so many other characters to choose from to put in the game... but some how it feels more balanced than other games out their.

Graphics wise its like playing the animated versions of the comic book and also playing another street fighter game. The sound is alright of its type of game not needing life like sound to set its theme or point across the table.

All in all this game is very fun to play and for fans its a gift from the heavens and for avid fans of fighting games well give it a try, you just might like it.