A must have for Street fighter fans or Marvel fans.

User Rating: 8.5 | Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter EX Edition PS
Everyone remembers playing one of the Arcade games from the Marvel vs Capcom series in the Arcades. And if you remember beating everyone who put a coin in to challenge you then you know what I mean. Of course the Original Arcade version is better. However this is Marvel super heroes vs street fighter and you learn to appreciate the good times you had inside the Arcade standing in line to play Marvel super heroes vs street fighter or any Marvel vs Capcom game.

Gameplay in marvel super heroes vs street fighter is superb. It could be better. It's better then the Playstation version of X-men vs street fighter. Aside from the Arcade version of MSHVSF you can also check the Sega saturn version if you really want a Console version of the game. But this Playstation version of Marvel super heroes vs street fighter isn't bad you will grow to like it just as you saw it in the Arcade. This version is not Arcade perfect. However you will Appreciate it. All in all this game is recommended to any 2D fighting fans or Street fighter or Marvel fans.