Cheap knock off of Gears of War, Splinter Cell, and Halo.....BUT at a full retail price.

This game was something I thought was a good idea. After playing it, I was completely wrong that this game is worth buying. It feels like a dead-head pointless shooter with al ot of pointless cursing. This game uses the F word more than people I work with, and that says a lot. The game starts with a rather boring way to explain how to play, in a not fun to learn tutorial. Then it throws you in a run and gun, get shot up and not die story mode. The ideas that are used are used better in the games that it copied off the ideas. The co-op is alright if you have never played Gears of War or Halo 3 online before. The shooting at point-blank range and having the human type Al-Quida(how ever it is spelled) not die, or fall like you are playing Resistance (ps3) lifeless gore....with sub-par sound effects...this game is for you. I am very sad to say I spent $60 on this and will trade it in for a loss. RENT THIS 1st. please. If you can actually say that this game is worth it, then please tell me what I am missing....message me please...I might give it another chance.