Addicting, loved playing it, but is also unpolished and slightly clunking when compared with newer Stategy games

Played this a while back and could not put it down. I had Advance Wars but never really got as hooked. You get to really have your own little band which you customize and with the badge system (rewards for certain tasks aka so many kills, so many technics or what have you) you can grow your force into the ultimate machine. After graduating this game I went on to play Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics. Neither were as captivating; Disgaea is difficult towards the end and requires training your characters on the side; FF: Tactics doesn't feel driven enough for me and pointless/random battles tick me off. However when I tried to go back to the good ole Tactics Ogre I was put off by the sluggish controls and unpolished system. Note these things were negligible the first time but they are really my only complaints.