Lego Returns

User Rating: 6 | LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars PS3
Good game but maybe rent this. Lego Star wars's new quirks are kinda nice and loads of unlockabls are here as wall but I feel like the overall package is stale. firstly the new suff. The Rts battle are great but you cannot contral massive armies. You can hijack enemy vechies and build your own and upgrade your own and this system works well. The amount of chracters is a plus as well as 2 hubs. Hubs are stupid though . Nothing is explorable right of the bat and it takes 30 bricks to explore the hub. The hubs shoundn't need too much to explore and this is way Star Wars fails,
Levels are somewhat cryptic in areas and they can leave you hanging. The game give tips when you don't need them and does the oppisite when in dire need. The boss fights are good diverse and epic. There's nothing more satifying to see you jump onto a robot and then it falls away and suddenly your fighting on the falling droid with Ventress jumping around. Now that's epic!

All in all, if you liked star wars in lego form you'll love this. However if not rent this first