Play testing? I guess TT decided "why bother"

User Rating: 1 | LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars PS3
After playing through almost all of the Lego games with my three young boys and being mostly impressed with their efforts I picked up this title to play. Basically -

1) Levels are too long and often lack a clear progression. You are left wandering around wondering what to do next.

2) Glitchy - like no other commercially released game I have ever seen in 35 years of playing video games. This is really not an exaggeration. For example, after playing for nearly an hour on a single level, I was unable to complete it due to the ship Anakin was piloting literally being "forgotten" by the game. This resulted in Anakin literally being out in space and falling over and over again with no means of getting out of the infinite loop (never mind the fact that he is "falling" in the vacuum of space). Really, a ship level where the ship literally disappears from around the character??? Really???

3) did I mention glitchy.

4) more of a button masher than even in prior versions. if you hit square (on PS3) jedi are basically invincible.

Overall, really bad effort and probably a sign that the Lego series has stopped trying.