Wow...this game is great!!

User Rating: 8.8 | Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories GBA
The PS2 version of Kingdom Hearts must have been a big crowd attraction because Square Enix decided to make another one. This time for GBA. In this all new action-adventure game, Sora sets off on a new adventure to save his friends from Castle Oblivion. But Castle Oblivion is not an ordinary castle. As you advance farther up the castle, you lose your memories and gain “lost” ones.

This game has a whole new way of battling. There is an advanced card battling system. You make decks of cards by using key cards and collecting them. The decks have card capacity but you can increase it by leveling up. There are also card combos, but you will figure that out as you play.

There are new characters and old ones. The old characters consist of Sora’s friends and old enemies from Disney movies. The new characters consist of The Organization, which are bad guys that dwell in Castle Oblivion.

This game also consists of a multiplayer mode. But there is one flaw. You must beat the game as Sora until you can battle someone else. But don’t worry, the game is pretty easy to beat.