Gaming was going towards the direction of conformity, but Killer 7 came to the rescue.

User Rating: 8.5 | Killer7 GC
Killer is a bomb dropped on the gaming industry. In a sense that it destroys and bends the general expectation of games during the time it's out.

The game doesn't seem to care about you, it is similar Van Gogh's painting. And a work of art it is, it's story has been written as a novel, it's graphics are innovative and the music is incredible.

Gameplay isn't really what keeps you at the edge of the seat in this game. After all, it is a rail shooter, you can only move forward or backward, and choose a direction once you reach an intersection. HOWEVER, when combined with the superb story-telling technique (which is sometimes incorporated with the gameplay), the gameplay becomes much more than tolerable and sometimes even entertaining. Also, what I find to be what keeps the gameplay from getting boring is the stat-building-element in it. You collect tubes of blood as you kill enemies, and you can use those to upgrade your characters (of which you have 6!). You can imagine how such variety can vitalize the gameplay. It is good. but it's not what makes this game so talked about.

The storyline is the hero of this game.

I can't say much about the storyline because it's going to be a spoiler, but this should be to no one's surprise: you play as a person with multiple personalities, all of which form a band of assasins. With advice from Christopher Mills, they uncover many dirty secrets about the heavens and earth as they perform more jobs.

The puzzles are sometimes hard, sometimes too easy, and it makes me wonder if it's intended to be so as a satire. Speaking of which, this game is full of intelligent satires and symbolism, which I really love.

Let me be honest, I was almost bored playing the first mission of the game. But the game started becoming exponentially entertaining as the story progresses.

But for its lack of replay value (which makes it more of a movie than a game) I won't give it more than 8.5.