More thought provoking than possibly any game ever made.

User Rating: 9 | Killer7 GC
Killer 7 doesn't need a review on game play. It doesn't need a review on graphics, even though it excels in both fields. What this game should be reviewed for, is it's genius. At first you won't realize it, but this is possibly the most thought provoking game ever created. Or even the most though provoking fruit of the media to ever be released. This game can turn the way you see life upside down. And you won't even realize it. It will take 2+ play throughs or hours of thinking, and even then you may not understand this game fully. It takes place in several parts of the world. You play as the Killer 7, a group of assassins made up of 7 persona that all inhabit one mind. And they're not all just a different personality either. They each take their own physical shape, with their own ability. They consist of Harman Smith, Garcian Smith, Dan Smith, Cayote Smith, Kevin Smith, Con Smith, Kaede Smith, and Mask de Smith. They're mission is to assassinate Kun Lan, a terrorist possessing the "God Hand", and Harman Smith's long time rival. The God Hand is a special ability that forces anyone it touches into a heaven smile. Heaven smile are the enemy in the game. They can hardly be called human, the take on a rather demonic shape and live in a constant state of ecstasy, which is why they are always smiling and laughing. They don't feel pain either so if one gets to close he'll jump onto you and self destruct, laughing hysterically all the while. You'll know one is in the room with you when you hear it giggle. At that point you need to switch into first person mode and scan for them. At that point just shoot like you life depends on it, because really, it does, nothing stops them from moving but death. However to speed up the process they each have a visible weak point on their head, knee, or elbow. Oh and if you didn't get that they don't feel pain, they even giggle when you shoot them, and they let out all that laughter when they die. The game is displayed form several camera angles, and the characters follow a fixed path so you just have to hold down the button to run until you come across some enemies, then it's played just like a first person shooter. You have unlimited ammo so it's not too difficult. The game is also filled with all sorts of pretty simple to understand puzzles, and easy to find items. The only basic problem with the game is the lack of freedom, you really don't get to move your character much. Other than that the story, the game play, and the thinking, all role into one perfectly.