the best game in the world. still.

the moment i started playing this game i was completely taken by it, it is so immersive, it was ground breaking. the graphics were great, the gameplay was amazing, and the story was incredible.

i cannot find any bad things, i'm sorry. it is perfect. gamespy is right this time boys.

it took me an extremely long time to beat this game, in some places it infuriated me, like the water temple. now that i look back on it, it was actually a great thing because it of the fact that the game is so immersive, it draws you in and puts you in this adventure with almost endless possibilities. if i didn't want to do the main quest i would just go make some ruppees or go cut grass or hang out in the fields or ride a horse, the list goes on.

there is too much good in this game to list it all here, just play it for yourself, and take my word for it; you will love it.

this was the first game that i truly loved, 10 out of 10, perfect.

the best game in the world.