fun, great music, arrival of newcomers Marine the Raccoon, Johnny, Captain Whisker, etc. this game has and will be a fav

i got this game for my birthday in 2007. i was expecting it to be very similar to sonic rush. i couldn't belive that sonic and tails had ended up in blaze's world, let alone how excited marine can be. i also enjoyed the seafaring levels especially when you race johnny. i had trouble beating johnny for a few of the chaos emeralds. then i saw that i could upgrade the jet ski 2 times. what really caught my interest was how eggman and eggman nega appeared in the extra story to take the jeweled scepter to gain ultimate power. i found out eventually that marine replaced cream (sonic and tails being in blaze's world of course). i really enjoyed this game and will expect more game to come. because the blue hedgehog has come a long way since the 1990s. keep up the good work, sega and sonic team. you have my thanks.