A game that will keep you entertain for awhile.

Trauma Center: SO is really what we can call the closet realism to doing surgery on a person. This game is pretty fun if you give it a chance. Compare to its older brother Trauma Center: Under the Knife it's a really good remake of it. The game takes you through a story about two doctors and their power or what they call "The Healing Touch" Giving the quick of edge saving a patience life. As the doctor you operate on the person and there are pretty good ben of operations for you to take on. You get to operate on a heart, stomach, throat, and more for that matter.

Pros: Great feeling to how an surgeon would work under pressure, catchy music in my opinion, Wii mote works really well with this game, the story is a cute story so you'll enjoy it while you play it (or you can skip it), the diffculty sometimes can make it really fun and make you sweat, if you're worried about it being bloody, don't worry its not that bad really, that's why it keeps a "T" rating,and even you beat it , it can kick for awhile to play with after you beat it.

Cons: The story will take you an average of 10 hours,somewhat repetitive sometimes you'll get to operate on a person that had something...again, Your nurse might drive you insane by saying "DOCTOR" over and over if you mess up but hey its a cute nurse so no worries right? and activating your special ability can become a conflict if you're not careful. Overall: "Wait this is Anime? Ewwww" (I like Anime) Yes it is an Anime game if you guys haven't figured it out by the front cover. But just because its Anime give this game a try it is a lot of fun. My opinion this is a great game for anyone that has a Wii.