Great game! But not for the amature gamer.

The new game obviously takes a different direction than the past games. The game is more free roaming than a traditional 3D fighter. Now I am a Dragon Ball Z fan. I will be honest this was a great game but it took quite a while to get use to the controls. I am still having trouble mastering the teleporting moves. If you don't have the best timing then work on it with a friend because if you try to practice by yourself in paractice mode the computer will just mash you to a pulp. Although the easy difficulty is decent it can be brutal to some. And normal. ha. Well i hope you played this for hours apon hours becuase you need to know how to fight a computer that chases after you like my ex girlfriend. But the good side is the graphics are great. Gameplay is fun once you get the hand of it. Multiplayer is good. Although no online play dosent bother me some hate it but you hackers know how to get around that obsticle. It is fun everyone should at least play it. And DBZ fans will be happy.