The final part of the Harry Potter saga, have EA really read what fans have said since the last title?

User Rating: 5 | Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 PC
The Answer to my header would be "No".

Unfortunately EA did not read the concerns of many people on their views on the last title, I myself just seen it as a constant shoot shoot shoot fest with no (possible and would have been welcomed) Multiplayer action.

This is no exception, it is the same again, but this time they have allowed the switching of spells that are well not true to the books or movies and you get to play different characters from the Harry Potter world.

But don't worry you wont have to play through 10 hours of constant shooting (yes shooting as it feels like an FPS game).... its half that now just 5 hours... because that is how long the game will take to finish from start to finish just 5 hours. Yeah 5 hours of linear cast cast cast cast at countless hordes of bad guys.

Same as the last title, hide behind cover and "shoot" a few spells in the general direction of bad guys. And that is basically the game.

Positives though, as already said the ability to switch between spells and play different characters, the graphics are good and the character models look close to their actors' counterparts and the music and sound is top notch. And like the last title that is exactly the same goodness you will get from this title.

Negatives... Apart from the ones I have already talked about, there has been a small improvement compared to the horrendous newspaper clippings you found in the previous title which was essentially just text, now you get to collect challenge modes you can play later or character models to look at... which sadly is not that great of an improvement.

Again no possible multiplayer spell map fest, if there was it would have made this title a bit more bearable, since you could kill other people and take your frustrations out on them for buying this title.

Cutscenes do not flow correctly, they seem to be too quick and chopped off too early, just when you are getting into things ... pop map loading time.. shame... and the ending could have lasted longer .... Voldemort's death is.... well crap and not satisfying. Same with the final scene/s... I won't go into details incase nobody has read the books before and want to watch the movie when it is released.

In short, this was just a quickly made sequel to last years title and made shorter just in the hopes of cashing in quickly for the films release.

Thank god EA has some classic titles coming up, or people may have been bitterly disappointed with them on a whole.

Anyways I gave this 5/10, just for the graphics and the sound, and im being very generous. Kinda avoid unless you have a nagging kid wanting it :P