A good game for a week or two however I bet You will quit and uninstall without finishing.

User Rating: 5 | Hard to be a God PC
The idea sounds goods, the book it's based on is also quite good. So it could be a nice little game. Different from others - one can really 'play roles' here, well, just by putting the proper set of clothes on :)
But there's more little things that look and sound interesting, quest system is not that bad and one can easily track them, there are some choices to be made - that is how the quests can be solved, fighting is not just hack-n-slash and sometimes requires wits, there are horses to rent and speed on, the world is alive and has got it's certain atmosphere etc.
HOWEVER it feels good just for a week or two. The story is weird and put forth sometimes in strange ways. There is no freedom of travelling but once when you finally can choose where to go - there are just a few vague hints from previous conversations with NPC. The reason could also be that there is too much talking! You are forced into cut-scenes that are sometimes funny but most of the time annoying and once they are over - there is no journal with hints put in - so you either remember the conversation and follow the clues or you run aimlessly in circles. The story told also does put you on your knees, you just kept shrugging and continue playing. But as I said - for a week or two...
Graphics is a bit out-dated but pleasant, sounds you don't notice (which probably means they are not too good), automap works fine, there are no spelling mistakes, character moving is typical for other RPG, so the authors could only add quests and story line like in Fallout and have a great game. But they didn't.