Shockingly poor compared to other games of its time.

User Rating: 6.5 | Hard to be a God PC
Where to start? Well Hard to Be a God is hard to explain, you begin the game and the graphics instantly disappoint you, despite the description the box gives you, and straight away you can feel the vibes of a Neverwinter Nights rip-off, but there is something about the combat in the game that is unusually addictive.

The story is almost non-existent but any fan of killing then looting then selling to buy better equipment will like the concept of the game.
There is one part of the game that is at least slightly innovative if not quite boring; the combat system. All attacks are accessed by three buttons, the left right and middle mouse button, with spacebar used for blocking, and you will find that you're constantly blocking arrows and bullets from ranged enemies then hacking away at the ones who have been smashing at your shield in melee. In the beginning, you'll find that it is frustratingly hard to stay alive as there are no autosaves or health regeneration after battle, although health pickups are rather frequent, and the unlimited backpack space is a godsend when in the heat of battle and you're munching away through half your backpacks worth of health restoring items.

Another interesting concept is the roles system. You wear certain types of clothing to start playing in a certain role, and other characters in the game world of the same role will act differently towards you, although this system wasn't employed as often as I liked, and it just seemed like an excuse for the producers to attempt to add more depth to the game.

I would recommend this game to any hard-core RPG fan, just don't expect any exhilarating content and be prepared for massive bouts of déjà vu.