Great game but repetitive and boring!

Game play (7/10)
Epic icy world with vikings, dragons, horses, mountains, and dungeons. But hey, start till end is the same. There are no other continents like grassland or dessert to explore. What you see is pure white icy world with snow. Getting kind of dull later in this game... running, doing errands, jumping around on mountains... sucks!

Sound (8/10)
Environment sound is good but not great.

Graphic (7/10)
People saying Skyrim with great graphic. But for me is suck! Learn from The Witcher 2 about great graphic. The technology is so outdated.

Combat (5/10)
Swinging swords looks so dull and hitting air more than foes. Inventory system is pure meant for consoles not PC (no drag no drop) WTF. Skill tree nice view on the zodiac but is not as good as in The Wither 2.

Story (8/10)
At first fun, but when keep on repetitive and never ending side quest will pull of the fun from main story. Main story line is short just the sides quest is dragging the time.

Final thought:
REALLY VALUE for money with tons of side quest. I finished off Alduin in level 30 and i think i just explore about 10% of the continent. After that > uninstall Skyrim! for the sake of my time. Nothing beat Baldur's Gate nor The Witcher 2... whos next?