Big Bang in Small Space

User Rating: 8 | Grid Space Shooter X360

This is another gem from the indie section that's worth your time. There really isn't a lot to say, basically the game is a simple retro style shooter similBar in nature to the arcade game "Bosconian", which is the way I like most of my shumps anyway, just simply pressing start and taking action which is really all you need.

I really love the graphical presentation and format of the game which is similar to the "Geometry Wars" games so yeah it's nothing totally new but it's everything done right. The music is also soild, it's fun and fits the atmosphere of the game.

The gameplay I think is really soild, the control is the simple twin stick which I always thought was an interesting method of control and it fits this kind of game, makes me wonder why most shumps arcade cabnets never had this kind of control. You have three types of ships to choose from each with their strengths and weaknesses. You have a couple of abilities, from speeding the ship up but the best one is the bullet time ability which really helps in getting out of a jam just when things get really tight or turning the tables on enimies that are a step or two tough. And you have plenty of powerups which also really help, my favorate is the multiple missle system where when you push the button, multiple targets are marked and hit the target.

There are also a soild variety of enimes from the small to the big ships, and the variety keeps adding up as you get further as well as become stronger which makes things really harry. And the odds become greater, as they are fleets that are just coming in from all different directions and obstacle in you way. This is a game that really causes you to keep your attention because there is always a lot going on. And it causes you to be aware of the amount of space you have to work with, because the screen does fill up fast and your space will run out quickly.

Nothing left to say but that this is a soild shump that is quick fun and a bang for your buck.