Mario's the Water boy.

In this adventure Mario is suppose to be enjoying his vacation on a beautiful tropical island instead, he is framed, made to do community service, and that broad gets kid-napped again!

The game starts out with you landing on an air strip off the coast of the isle Delfino. There Mario and the gang run into a multi colored sludge, Peach also starts seeing a mysterious Doppelganger of Mario. With the help of a water pack Mario is able to rinse away the sludge causing the airway to be uncontaminated. But as soon as he is finished the island authorities come and place Mario under arrest. They accuse him of polluting the island with the sludge, which made the island spirits (the shine sprites) disappear. The police then sentence Mario with the task of cleaning the isle, and bringing back the shine sprites.

Tons of portals will open to different parts of the island which are used as the levels. The levels involve doing a certain mission (there are usually 7 or 8 missions in a level), usually involving platforming or sludge clean up. After completing the objective you’re rewarded with a shine sprite and are one step closer to your goal. The controls are great especially with the F.L.U.D.D. (the name of you’re water pack). But occasionally you’ll loose the pack and run through tiny platforming levels. These levels are tedious!!!!! You may try up to 15 times before you actually get through them. The game will last you at least 15 hours just to complete the story line. You can go back and try to obtain all 120 shine sprites which may take another 5 hours or so. I think you only need around 50 to beat the game.

The F.L.U.D.D. runs on water and since you’re on an island surrounded by water it’s pretty easy refilling when you hit empty. The F.L.U.D.D. as a couple different forms; there is the squirt nozzle which is acts like a hose which allows you to spray the slime, there’s a hover nozzle which lets Mario stay in the air a few seconds after you jump. These are the two main nozzles that you start out with. You’re also able to obtain a rocket nozzle and a turbo nozzle, which shoot you up high in the air and make you go running around like a maniac, respectively.

Yoshi also makes a return in the game. You’ll need him to unlock certain places of the island and its just fun to have him running around while you ride on his back. To use Yoshi you’ll need to hatch his egg by finding the fruit he will eat (There are about 5 different fruits). When he’s hatched you are able to flutter jump, spit acidic juices, and swallow enemies’ whole.

The graphics are very vibrant and jolly, it really seems like a vacation paradise. The lighting around the shine sprites look good and the water effects look amazing, it sparkles and has a superb shimmering effect when lit by the sun, there’s also a nice reflection in the water. The game runs smoothly, and I have not noticed any frame rate problems what so ever. There are no pop ups either. Everything can be seen from one side of a level to the other. Other minor details is the fact that the Multi-colored slime will actually stick to Mario if he rolls around in it, and while walking around covered in slime he’ll leave slimy foot prints.

The game sounds like a Mario game, but it also has a little tropical sound mixed in with some of the classic Mario tunes. There is also voice acting in the game. No it not just Mario saying his name or say yahoo when he jumps. In cut scenes there is actual voice conversation between characters. Of course Mario doesn’t talk but characters like the piantas (the island inhabitants), Princess Peach, and Bowser all talk. Even though the game does have voice acting; it is not very well done. The most of the characters’ sound ridiculous. But the games story is aimed more toward a younger audience I suppose. Anyway besides the voice acting there’s water splashes, Mario with his name shouting, and yahoos along with some other phrases, coin sound effects, and so on.

This is another great Mario game. The platforming is very fun especially with the FLUDD, but you may be annoyed with the normal platforming level designs. The graphics are vibrant which goes with the theme, and the sound is good. If overall, you’re looking for a nice long platformer, or just want a Nintendo game to play. Mario is your man.