Great ideas - poorly executed.

User Rating: 6.5 | Global Agenda PC
This game has great potential. The feeling of running around the map is good and so are the general fighting even if it gets repetitive after a few hours. To be a "free to play" game, it's actually great and I'm very thankful to the developers for their work.

BUT, the game could be so much better if there where more choices to be mad and perhaps a little more detail around the maps. So, the quality of most experiences (except for the graphical) is nice, but the quantity isn't. I would like to add at least X2 times more weapons and a way to change weapons fast in a fight. Then I would like to add more variables to armors and weapons, like "defence to burn", or "chances to detect stealth" or "chance to leech life" or whatever...look around the gaming world. In Diablo 2 there were so many different items - since there were so many different variables to combine. I would add much more vegetation on the maps and try to give different areas of the map more characteristic feel. And, of course, more maps to play co-op and VS on.

STILL, the way to join co-op fights and communicate with others across the world while you are playing single player style kept me interested until i reached level 17 (about 7 hours of playing).

So, my conclusion: If you don't care about graphics being top notch, you should try this game.