Gamespot is wrong... judge this game on the free trial, not the reviews.

User Rating: 9 | Global Agenda PC
I've learned a long time ago, that if something doesn't make sense, follow the money.

After playing this game it just didn't make sense that it got a 5.5 from Gamespot, I palyed 5.5 games, they suck. Gamespot is funded by advertisement, Global Agenda was created by a very small, new company that does not shovel out money for a lot of ads. It makes sense that Gamespot wants you to keep buying from EA/Activision etc. to keep the money flow high in ads. Anyway, that's why it's getting mediocre reviews but this is my review.

First off... I HATE playing crappy games. I only buy a game after reading its review to make sure I get the most for my time and money. But this idea sounded so good I decided to go against my usual judgment and at least try the game out with the free trial.

Global Agenda is a VERY polished game. It is not very deep but it all runs very smooth. You can pick it up and know the controls and objectives right away. You pick a class and pick a game to fight against other players or the computer. You get xp, credits (money) and materials during these fights. You can use the money and mats to upgrade your character and you get skill points as you level up to customize your fighting style.

Queuing up for games is not long, you get thrown into the action very quickly. There is hardly ever any lag. The classes are very balanced and there is voice support in the game to help communication. My only complaint is that the environment and graphics are a little bland and vanilla, they could use more destructibles and spice.

But what genre is Global Agenda? I would call it a shooter MMO. It plays game to game a lot like Team Fortress 2 meets Unreal Tournament. But unlike those games you can progress your character and change the style and loadouts, so it has an MMO twist that keeps you coming back for more. Also, the game is in it's infant stages and is growing fast. With each patch comes great additions of gear, zones, and more.

My best recommendation is to download the free trial. It allows you to play to level 15 and gives you a good idea what it is all about. If you are looking for a VERY solid class/objective based shooter with an MMO twist, ignore gamespot's review and just try it at