Does Ghostbusters deliver unbelievable thrills, or just mediocre chills? Find out in my review....

User Rating: 7 | Ghostbusters: The Video Game X360
You know that old saying, "What you can't see, can't hurt you" well after playing Ghostbusters that line is officially a complete and utter lie. Ghosts are no joke. They thrive on people's fears, they love to mess with the human mind, and most importantly they take every chance they get to appear on national television. (Just look at shows like Ghost Adventures, and Ghost Hunters, they're everywhere) Like a bad case of the chicken pox, ghosts have invaded the minds of millions of people everywhere, and now they can be found in The Ghostbusters Videogame, how convenient huh?

Following the Ghostbusters movies, the Ghostbusters Videogame takes place two years after Ghostbusters 2 and paranormal activity is thriving more than ever. After a large PKE shockwave, ghosts all over New York city suddenly begin reappearing and causing mayhem. And who better to bring back the peace other than The Ghostbusters? With a new recruit, and a new arsenal of ghost hunting equipment at their disposal, The Ghostbusters are ready to kick some transparent butt.

Ghostbusters plays similar to a third person shooter, but instead of using a gun your stuck using your beloved proton pack. Throughout the game you will spend most of your time moving from one point to another, completing mission objectives, and slaying a variety of ghosts along the way. There are two ways to get rid of a ghost: you must either use your proton stream to lure a ghost into a ghost trap, or you may have to just obliterate it instead. Either way, that ghost is toast.

The controls overall are responsive, and easy to pick up. With a variety of weapons in your arsenal, from the proton stream to the slime tether, each and every ghost has its own weakness, and it's up to you to exploit it. Each firing mode has its own pros and cons, and a situation can be simplified depending on which firing mode you set your proton pack.

Throughout the game you will be accompanied by none other than the Ghostbusters, and while they love to throw witty remarks at each other, and are a blast to have around there's one thing that really bothered me- they are completely useless. While they can sometimes hold their own in a fight, and they actually hit their target occasionally, you're A.I. brethren are often found on the ground constantly screaming for help. Why? Because they're constantly being bombarded by ghost attacks, and don't have the proper brain function to dodge those incoming attacks. Oh Ghostbusters, your intelligence is a sight to behold.

There a variety of multiplayer modes to select from as well, ranging from a miniature version of horde mode, to guarding a handful of artifacts from ravaging ghosts. While many of these game modes are fun, you can't help but wonder why the developers didn't make the Ghostbusters game a complete co-op experience. If you can co-op in multiplayer matches, shouldn't you be able to co-op in the story mode as well?

Ghostbusters is a gorgeous game from top to bottom. The set pieces are absolutely mind blowing, and will draw you in like a hyped up bug is drawn to light. While the frame rates tend to lag at times, the in-game environments are incredibly detailed. Ghostbusters does a great job in making the whole game a true interactive experience, everything and anything is completely destructible. Sometimes it's the little things that matter the most.

Overall: The Ghostbusters Videogame is the best Ghostbusters game to date, but I may just be saying that mainly because it's the only Ghostbusters game I've played, but that's besides the point. With unbelievable set pieces, voice talent from the original Ghostbusters themselves, and perfect models of the proton packs and other hallmark items, Ghostbusters is a nice present to fans of the series everywhere.