Get ready, because Geometry Wars 2 is an adrenaline fueled shooter and ultimately, one hell of a ride.

User Rating: 8.5 | Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 X360
When the first Geometry Wars game came out on the Live Arcade, it was one of the first and therefore one of the best Arcade games available. However, Bizarre Creations stepped it up a notch, bringing us Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2(Geo Wars 2 for short), which is a severe improvement over the first installation.

If you aren't to familiar with how Geo Wars plays out, have no fear, for it's anything but complicated. You control a ship which shoots up the geometry shaped baddies that try and run into you. You can pick up multipliers called Geoms that enemies drop, and hence, give you more points per kill, which is really what the whole shabang's about.

Now there are six incredibly addicting game modes: Deadline, King, Evolved, Pacifism, Waves, and Sequence. Deadline comes to you automatically, but you have to unlock the others by playing more which is a brilliant way to get you completely addicted.

Deadline is your basic 'rack up as much points before time runs out' type of mode. You're given a few bombs and enemies to kill in a 3 minute mark. 'Nuff said

King reminds me of a nice, deadly game of tag. You have enemies constantly hounding you, and you can't shoot at them. Wait, that's not fair. Well, actually it is because there's these circles here in there acting as safe zones that enemies can't come in, but these are also the only places to shoot from; and it ends up being a whole lot of bloody fun.

Evolved is the original Geo Wars mode. You have a few lives and bombs, and get the chance to earn more as you go. The main goal is to see how long you're able to last, or to be very blunt, get a lot of points.

Pacifism is to me the most fun out of all the game types. You don't have any weapons whatsoever, the only way to destroy those blue dudes chasing you is to fly through gates when they come close. These gates explode on contact, destroying any close by enemies. Beware though, if you're Spazzy McGee and you hit an endpoint of a gate instead of going through the middle, you're toast. We get the idea of where the name Pacifism came from, but it's anything from peaceful, instead it's a heart racing, adrenaline soaked blast.

Waves is a mode where orange planes come at you in indiidual waves. You're able too shoot them, but it's easy to get overwhelmed, so make sure you have leet dodging skills, they're definitely needed here.

Sequence is the hardest mode in Geo Wars 2. You basically progress through 20 levels, with only a set number of lives and bombs. I personally don't like it that much, but those with extreme skills will love it, even though it's nearly impossible to beat. Have fun with that.

Graphically, Geo Wars 2 is amazing. The colors are vibrant and brilliant; and the frame rate holds up the action perfectly, no stutters to be seen whatsoever. Geo Wars 2 fares just as well with the music. It matches the graphics perfectly, psychedelic downbeats are present in all modes. However the most noticeably awesome music is in King. When you're outside a safe circle, the music is a like a bass groove, but once you make it into a circle, it transforms into a funky upbeat. It's these little details that make the game shine bright.

Geo Wars 2 has 4 player local multiplayer which is a blast. All the modes are available and you can play either cooperatively for a combined score or competitively for individual scores. This would definitely be the life of a party, it's only too bad there isn't online play. It's understandable though with the million things going on in the screen at once, the frame rate would be pretty hard to control. However, this doesn't mean you can't compete with your friends. Leaderboards are available to compare your best scores in each mode with your friends, or with the whole world, which is ultimately the pressing factor to play more.

Now, I'm slightly achievement nutty, and if you are too, there's more to like here. Twelve achievables here that are pretty challenging. Bizarre accomplished something great here, something unexplainable, the achievements are just brilliantly designed.

All in all, Geo Wars 2 is one of the best arcade games out there. 800 Points (10 US Dollars) is an excellent deal for such a gem. There should be no hesitation when thinking of buying Geo Wars 2, it's basically crack for gamers!