PC players stay away, the interface was designed for PS3 players and is very limited.

The game was designed around a PS3 and if played on a PS3 it is a ok buy. I played it in Beta only and wouldn't waste my money on it, so have not played the released version. But unless they totally revamped it after they closed beta, from a PC users point of view the UI / Controls make it terrible. Maybe if you have never played a MMO before and there for don't know what your missing, you may not think it is that bad. Graphics are ok and the DC storyline is good, but neither make up for the interface. PvP is balanced, since both sides use the same classes and powers. This will cut into the replay value as there is no real reason to play the other side, other than the DC storyline quest. So unless you are just a DC fanatic and have to have everything DC I would not recommend wasting you money on this game.
Sony tried to go for a bigger player base and in the end it hurt the game.