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User Rating: 3 | DC Universe Online PC
I have played this game since the early days. I enjoy it but it has glaring problems.

SOE is not known for customer service, they don't fail with that notoriety when it comes to DCUO. I would rate the Customer Service 3 out of 10.

The F2P marketing ploy has launched, they weren't ready... to put it bluntly. I welcome all the new F2Players with open arms because before them this world was an empty wasteland, not what a MMO should be.

The game is an action packed MMO like no other when it's working correctly and you can actually get into the game to play. PvP is broken and unbalanced and exploiters abound just waiting for you to happen upon them so they can gank you over and over.
Sure you can play PvE but when you hit level 30 expect the grind for raiding armor and tier armor to be tedious at best. Elitists abound and they look down on F2Players... why? I'll never understand. The UI/HUD is terrible so is the chat system, marketplace and non existent trade with other players. (you can mail items and cash to each other, unless you're a F2Player).
The graphics and sound are good but bugs, glitches and irritating clips happen all the time.
The character customization is just ok, nothing spectacular but this game was made for consoles and it has it written all over it.

Overall the glaring problems with DCUO and F2P is a frustrating mess that will soon have you forgetting about it and uninstalling. I want the game to survive and improve, they have had the time to do it and it's seen some improvements but not enough to warrant supporting the game or company.

To reiterate, I luv playing this game, it could of been something really different and special but it's just become such a chore to even get logged in that the frustration level is at it's peak. I'm not trying to troll, these are my experiences since the start of this game.

You can argue that in time things will smooth out, I've been here and seen that that's not the truth. It's like watching an episode of The X Files... the truth is out there but you will never find it. You will keep getting strung along and will never find out if aliens are real or not. (bad analogy I know)

I will be editing this review when I think of more information and details that are truthful and cut to the point.

EDIT #1:
Well the new update is here and things are as broken as ever. Does anyone from SOE actually play this game?
Do you want to waste your money on a broken/unsupported game that has no future? Go ahead buy the store items/DLC etc. SOE needs to stop making MMO's or start supporting the ones they have live right now.

So now they have announced the next DLC will be The Flash. The Flash is already in the game and you get to fight side by side with him etc. Why make us pay for something that is already included in the game? Maybe a new map or boss fight but SOE is releasing content that is already in the game and calling it new DLC. The power will be Electric. It's a lame content addition and lazy game planning plus you will have to pay $10 for it. I'm excited to see the new electric powers but I'm not going to get my hopes up. SOE disappoints again.

DCUO and SOE have failed, that's the truth.