so xbox ones upscaler is actually pretty good!

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So I bought an xb1 last Saturday and am very impressed how the games look at 720p... last gen if I tried to force 1080p on my ps3 it looked blurrier than setting it to 720p for games and I couldnt even tell the difference on my 360 on what option I would choose. But now the xb1 games actually look pretty sharp upscaled to 1080p still not as good as native! But way better than last gen! What do you xbox1 owners think?

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you've opened yourself up here for a bunch of Dbag PS4 fan boys to come in and say omg dat non 1080 native... anwyays.. I agree. I own both consoles and between the games that are 1080 and the ones that are upscaled I don't see a huge difference.. Especially if I'm sitting back on my couch. hooked up to my pc monitors.. yes I see a small difference but only because I'm so close to the screen.

There won't be much a difference between these two consoles all gen. Only fan boys and handicaps will argue differently.

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lol nice DC ps4 does it NATIVE

low profilers those lemmings pay 500 for upscaler lmao

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Oh yeah, it's fantastic if you love jaggies.

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@lglz1337: yeah I know I also have a ps4 since day one and it does look better... but 720p on x1 aint as bad as I thought it would be! It dont look like vaseline smeared all over your tv like it did last gen

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I does look good. Damn good.

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I'm very impressed at how good games look at 1080p native on the PS4. ;)

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I'm very impressed at how good games look at 1440p native on PC ;)

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I'm very impressed at how good my e-penis looks in 4K.

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I'm very impressed that my computer has a high res retina screen that will never be utilized for anything but showing off to friends going "ooooo ahhhh" :p

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Lemmings and their low standards. Thank goodness for PC and PS4 gaming or we'd be stuck with Xbone and its 720p gaming for the next 10 years,

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As an owner of both consoles and a gaming PC, I can say there is a fair bit of a difference between the upscaler and the 1080p native. Yes you are right, the upscaler is clearly better, but when it comes to overall picture quality my eyes can always see the difference. Maybe its because I play a lot of PC games at 1440p, making 720p stand out as looking worse.

The way I see it though, is that the PS4 has plenty of 1080p games.....but none that my friends want to play when they come over. Its always Killer Instinct tournaments or passing the controller in Dead Rising (which are both 720p)

As the people over at MS wisely stated (but were mocked for it):

"Play the games, not the resolution."