Playstation 4 is more POWERFUL than Xbox One???

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Poll: Playstation 4 is more POWERFUL than Xbox One??? (37 votes)

Yes, Playstation 4 is more powerful than Xbox One 89%
No, Xbox One and Playstation 4 are both same powerful 5%
No, Xbox One is clearly more powerful than Playstation 4 5%

Killzone Shadow Fall – 1080p, 60fps

InFamous: Second Son – 1080p, 30fps

Knack – 1080p, 30fps

Resogun – 1080p, 60fps

Warframe – 1080p, 60fps

Ryse: Son of Rome – 720p, 30fps

Dead Rising 3 – 720p, 30fps

Forza Motorsport 5 – 1080p, 60fps

Killer Instinct – 720p, 60fps

Titanfall - 720p Problems(they got time till 2014 to fix, if ever)

Call of Duty: Ghosts – 1080p, 60fps(PS4)

Call of Duty: Ghosts – 720p, 60fps(Xbox One)

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag – 1080p, 30fps(PS4)

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag – 720p, 30fps(Xbox One)

Battlefield 4 – 900p, 60fps(PS4)

Battlefield 4 – 720p, 30fps(Xbox One)

So, is this proof that Xbox One is weaker, or Xbox One has hidden power?

I mean Xbox One costs 100 euros more... how the hell can Xbox One less powerful then? If this is true then Microsoft console maker should step back RIGHT THE WAY !!!!

#1 Posted by Heil68 (50828 posts) -

PS4 is indeed the most powerful video game console to have ever been created in the history of video games.

#2 Posted by Chutebox (39715 posts) -

This really isn't up for or decided by votes...

#3 Posted by FerdMertz (1034 posts) -

I have both (check my GT: Babylon Burning) and I can't speak of the technical aspect but I can tell you that Ryse is the best looking next gen game.

#4 Posted by lglz1337 (4635 posts) -

why even vote this is common sense ps4 is indeed the most powerfull console ever

#5 Edited by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -

it's well known already for months that ps4 is more powerful. It uses less on the OS and has better hardware

#6 Edited by lglz1337 (4635 posts) -

@FerdMertz: you mean best looking 900p corridor game

#7 Posted by freedomfreak (46344 posts) -

Yes, it is.

#8 Posted by NFJSupreme (5601 posts) -

People need to stop making these threads. The verdict is out. The ps4 is more powerful. Now it's time to talk about games. Isn't that what is important? Everytime consolites get into a hardware pissing contest herms just come in to laugh at them anyway.

#9 Posted by TheTruthIsREAL (808 posts) -

Yes bf4 is more powerful but battlefield 4 on both platforms are 60 fps..

#10 Posted by ermacness (7278 posts) -

Although the PS4 is more powerful, the TC have alot of "wrong" in your initial post.

#11 Posted by PAL360 (27689 posts) -

PS4 is more powerful than X1, but it's not as bad as you make it sound! Here are some corrections:

Warframe – 1080p, 30fps

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag – 900p, 30fps(Xbox One)

Battlefield 4 – 720p, 60fps(Xbox One)

#12 Posted by AtariKidX (6462 posts) -

Yes.................Playstation 4 is more powerful than XBone....and it have a lot better controller.

#13 Edited by jer_1 (7451 posts) -

It's pretty obvious at this point that the PS4 has a bit more power under the hood. I'm sure that camera more than makes up for it... xD

#14 Posted by sukraj (25205 posts) -

who cares I'm sick of these threads

#15 Posted by blamix99 (2613 posts) -

it's funny when someone says the Xbox One has hidden powers, LOL

#16 Edited by MK-Professor (4077 posts) -

This looks like a lemming detection poll.

poll results so far:

88% are normal people

8% are lemmings

4% are hardcore lemmings

#17 Posted by AzatiS (9151 posts) -

I was playing at 720p 13 years ago ... Lems still playing on that res ... is for the laughs really..