Why do you come to/post in OT?

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For example, is it a stress reliever for you? Do you like this forum more than other GS forums (or forums on other sites)? Do the conversations interest you?

I know for me, I come here when I just want some laid back discussion about random topics (not gaming related), while also catching up on gaming news. I used to post in System Wars a lot, but that place has become near unbearable for me.

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Boredom, mostly.

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I come here out of habit mostly

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Maybe in order to kill the time.Maybe to help me forget my everyday miseries.Or maybe 'cause I'm desperate to do something worthwhile outside the cyber world.I don't know.Screw it anyway.

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@jasean79 said:

Boredom, mostly.


I work fairly long hours, and at times, it can be uneventful.

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@konvikt_17 said:

I come here out of habit mostly

This most accurately describes me. I've been coming to GameSpot for most of my adult life, so it's kind of like second nature to me.

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@jasean79 said:

Boredom, mostly.

@konvikt_17 said:

I come here out of habit mostly

I like the irrelevance. Used to be better for that, but it's habit now.

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@jasean79 said:

Boredom, mostly.

This definitely applies to me as well.

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I visit for brief distractions during the work day. Most websites don't change a lot during the course of the day, so after I visit them (news, sports, etc) in the morning, there's not much new to see later in the day. Forums, however, are constantly changing.

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@konvikt_17 said:

I come here out of habit mostly

Yep. That and I like the people here, so when I feel like posting online somewhere this is my default.

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I go to system wars for the lulz.

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Been nearly 10 years now.

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I come for discussion and fun.

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Mostly a habit at this point. I usually come here to see what games are out or on the horizon and since I'm in the neighborhood, I pay the forums a visit....

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Primarily to have fun and to decompress. Anything else is a bonus.

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Practicing my English writing. Also learning from some of the users on OT. Besides that usually people have interesting things to say and I'm a good listener.

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To post on CrossFire245 threads ;)

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@BranKetra said:

I come for discussion and fun.

The fun is picking on @Allicrombie but I think she's hiding again.

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Dunno really.

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To kill time mostly

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@konvikt_17 said:

I come here out of habit mostly

Been here so long
GS always been a fixture in my internetting

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That sweet sweet booty some users have. Hey Hey.

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Habit/boredom, like everyone else, I guess.

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I started posting here because my child was using the TV. So this place killed time and got me away from children's shows.

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Habit and because I like belonging in an online community. GS is too familiar to venture elsewhere...

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cause i am bored

My internet connection is "busy" atm and i can't any play games.

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@indzman: ;)

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@kitty said:

@BranKetra said:

I come for discussion and fun.

The fun is picking on @Allicrombie but I think she's hiding again.

Be careful. You will be punished by her.

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I don't know. It's so dead. It's almost like talking to oneself.

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Because it's the only place where i can chat with people from Leeds.

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This place is special, you're right.

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To quote the earlier Green Day - "When masturbation has lost its fun, you're f---ing lazy."