Can you eat snakes, frog,dog or cat meat OT ?

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Some Chinese people eat meats or soups from frogs , snakes , dogs , cats, also fried tarantulas is very popular on Cambodia. Would you eat them ? If you have tasted them already , how they taste ?

I definately can't :(

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I would like to try frog. The other stuff I wouldn't choose but might eat it if given to me.

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And they probably taste good, because who would make food that tastes bad?

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Because something is not the norm for my (or our) culture, doesn't necessarily make it bad.

So yea sure, as long as it's ethically killed and safe to eat, why not?

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i've had frog leg before. it was pretty good

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It would largely depend on how the food is prepared.

I'll try just about anything, but there are certain 'exotic' foods where the stomach just can't agree with my curiosity.

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I wouldn't eat dog or cat meat but frog or snake I'd try. As long as it's not weird looking like the snake head in the first pic. Yikes!

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I'd try human if it was legal.

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This reminds me of snake eater... feeding on a frog... yeah...

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I've eaten snake before. I'd try frog, but not dog or cat.

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I live in Florida, I've had frogs and snakes on my dinner plate plenty of times (gator too). Mostly we just deep fry them. It isn't bad at all. I'd prefer not to eat my pets though.

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Frog and snake I would eat. I wouldn't eat dog or cat because I look at them as pets. I would not eat a spider.

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Depends where I am. If I'm visiting a country where a certain animal I normally wouldn't eat is on the menu, I probably would avoid being rude by not eating it. Then again, it depends on how it's prepared/presented. If it was a dish with snake meat, sure, if it's a dish with a snake head I'm supposed to suck on, probably not =P

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I've eaten Chinese food. Chances are I've had dog and cat unknowingly.

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what about some chilled monkey brains?

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Not a vegetarian but I wouldn't eat anything out of the ordinary.

Fish, Pork, Beef, Lamb etc.

I eat them because they are farmed and bred for food.

Might have to stop eating fish soon though.

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@PcGamingRig said:

Not a vegetarian but I wouldn't eat anything out of the ordinary.

Fish, Pork, Beef, Lamb etc.

I eat them because they are farmed and bred for food.

Might have to stop eating fish soon though.

So you don't eat them because they aren't bred with the purpose of bring sold as food?

I don't understand that logic; why should the sale of livestock influence what you're willing to eat?

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Snake: Did it, very bony, worse than rabbit.

Frog: Duh, American eats frog too. Nothing special.

Dog: No and never. They are too cute and I can't see them in the eyes if I eat them. But I heard their meat is one of the best, like heavenly taste. They are high end food.

Cat: No, too cute and they will hunt me in my dreams.

Land spiders: No, too creepy.

Bugs: No.

American bugs that you can buy in a vending machine: No, but the kids sure loves them. I should be brave and eat one though.

Sea spiders (crab): yes.

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Ever since MGS3 Snake Eater I've been wanting to try snake. Can't find a place here that offers it (likely due to the controlled nature of the exotic pet industry). And garter snakes aren't very appetizing.

Frogs are fairly common in European cuisine. Never had them, but wouldn't balk at the offer (they are usually quite expensive if I ever do see them on a menu).

Dogs are cats are a big no no for me unless in a dire survival situation.

Any insect, for the most part, I'd prefer to be ground up into a protein powder/paste and then I'd easily consume it. Full size tarantulas or scorpions? Probably not. The only live bug I'll probably ever try are those honey ants (they eat plant material and carry a sweet nectar in their abdomen). I'm not a grub kinda guy. Got too many worries.

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i have eaten frog legs before and those are pretty tasty.

i'm sure if i was hungry enough i could eat any of the rest you listed.

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@jasean79: Gross! D;

It's why I make my own Chinese food.

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I probably wouldn't eat any of them. Definitely not dog meat. I don't like cats.

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Not interested. If it was my last resort, I'd probably eat it though...

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My father eats any verterbrate that move ... snakes, bats, flyingfox, kingfisher, monkey, Iguana, anteater, squirrel, pigeon named it .... there's always some tortoise egg in is fridge for consumption (he got dozens of tortoise as a pet) ... and sometimes there's some frozen reptilian head inside the freezer.... because of his wierd habit and because of his previous culture ........ I'll stick on normal western food.

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@comp_atkins said:

what about some chilled monkey brains?

kill a monkey brain

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Spiders cross a line.

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@Storm_Marine said:

Spiders cross a line.

Unless you're a Fear Factor contestant.

I think that was one of the most disgusting shows on television. The "fear factor pizza" really pushed the limit of what I consider edible.

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Out of the creatures listed in the OP, I've eaten all of them but dog and cat. I'd try them if I were somewhere where it was culturally normal, and have no real moral qualms with eating cat/dog meat so long as it is prepared in a manner that makes it both safe to consume and palatable. There may be some mental hurdles to jump through because of social differences in western culture (I own dogs and cats and always have kept them as pets) but that's about it.

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No... but I don't mind take a bite or two. first..

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I would only be willing to try frog from that list. But more importantly, some people eat fucking huge and hairy spiders? W.T.F?

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Dog meat is considered beer food at my wife's birth country (Philippines). It was okay and the beer was great. After having other beer food (tiger prawn, goat meat, mussel/clams) and a whole lot of beer, dog meat didn't seem that much different. A little stringy though.

I've had fried frog legs before. I ate it along with other food.

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I've had frog and it is actually pretty delicious. I've also heard good things about snake, although I've never had it.

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i could, but in a post apocalyptic future where i must, i'd eat slain raider flesh before a dog.

the rest sounds good. had frog, the best was with a sweet asian marinade, had BBQ snake, and cats are not dogs, i would eat them before rats or bats.

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No, never!

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i wouldn't eat dog meat because there are too many dogs i like. this is why i don't get close to any pigs.

frog doesn't seem too intimidating although i'd probably first try them at a quality restaurant rather than risk a bad experience.

i might try bugs but it would depend on the presentation. live? no, i'm too much of a sissy. more likely they'd have to be fried or transformed somehow.

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Honestly, I probably had them in the last batch of McNuggets I bought.

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I enjoy frog legs and I would like to try snake but the others I would pass on.

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I had frog legs two nights ago, managed to convince my girlfriend that I was eating chicken and she tried one >:)

A weird one is duck chin...

I should add that frog legs from restaurants kinda freak me out, I really prefer eating them if I or someone I knew caught and prepared them (benefit of practically growing up in FL everglades, swamp delicacies :) )