Attorney claims to have traveled in time!

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#51 Posted by tenaka2 (17032 posts) -


:lol: Yeah, no.....not a chance.

Time travel is entirely possible in physics, but you could only go forwards, not back. This guy wants attention.


I have seen many science shows and read many books on the subject, and I know that you have that backwards. You can only go backwards, and going forwards is near-impossible.

:lol: please, get more informed. Traveling at lightspeed would warp you forward.

In the posters defence I think superman did it that way :D

#52 Posted by JLCrogue (6042 posts) -

If time travel were possible then I think (and hope) that they can't change the past and when they try to they can only create some alternate universe where the change affects their future. Now, I'm somewhat skeptical, but with all of the other government conspiracies and cover-ups out there it wouldn't surprise me if it were true. Either this attorney is telling the truth or the government experimented on him with hallucinogenic drugs, like the MK-Ultra experiments the CIA did. I doubt he would make this all up, especially when his reputation as an attorney is at stake.

#53 Posted by BranKetra (48459 posts) -
Okay then.