Toki Tori HD (ipad port) out today

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You'll be able to play our classic titles Toki Tori 1, EDGE and RUSH on Wii U before the year is over!

We have tweaked the games so they feel right at home on the Wii U. All games can be played on the GamePad, with RUSH even using it as its main display.

We are going to release them about a month apart, with Toki Tori 1 ready for action in October, followed by EDGE in November and RUSH in December. All at the ridiculously low introduction price of $1,99 / € 1,99!

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$2 isn't bad for Toki Tori. There's a lot of content there. But for some reason that game stressed me out. I never got that far into it on either WiiWare or iOS.

Bah, who am I kidding, I'm only replying to tell people again to buy Toki Tori 2. That game is amazing.

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game is out today... only 2$

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its very different than the gameboy color version