Best place to buy the 3 Castlevania games for the NDS?

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I want to buy Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin & Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for the NDS brand new... what's the best place to order from?


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I'm not sure if it's the cheapest place or not, but you can get all three at still, it seems. They all have some new listings.

I would recommend Dawn of Sorrow as a personal favorite, though the main game is a little on the short side. You can keep yourself busy forging weapons and collecting more souls if you have OCD like I did. There are also some new modes you can unlock after completing the game once. I really liked the story and characters in the Sorrow games.

Order of Ecclesia was the last DS game, I am not as familiar with it as the other two but a lot of people really liked that one. I notice it has the smallest number of current offers and is the most expensive of the three.

Portrait of Ruin was also pretty good, my second-favorite of the three. It seems to be the most overlooked of the three, but it was an interesting game because you would travel through the castle and go into paintings, which would take you to other areas like pyramids and whatnot. You also control two characters at once, and can switch between them and perform 'dual attacks'.

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You could try

It's an online marketplace that I've had good experience with. It has DoS for $13, PoR for $20.25, and OoE for $18.50 right now.

Amazon appears to be a few bucks cheaper and with the shipping deals, I'd go amazon too, but I thought I'd throw another option for you.

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ebay, Ive been doing the same thing and just expanding my 3ds colletion with cheap games off ebay.

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Amazon is a good bet. But if its too expensive for your tastes Gamestop (go die in a hole) probably has some of 'em used.