Wish we could play digital movies on gamepad off usb HDD, SD or flash drive. .

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#1 Posted by soundcellx (976 posts) -

I have about 500GB of digital movies that I would absolutely love to be able to stream on the gamepad. 


It should be possible for Nintendo to allow video streaming on gamepad, I just don't think it would be in their best interests. Anyone think Nintendo will ever allow it?

#2 Posted by sailor232 (4835 posts) -

I would love media streaming, only reason I still have my Ps3.

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Perhaps - it does seem like it would be physically possible on the Wii U via an update. The closest thing they've done in that regard is playing MP3 songs on the 3DS by storing them on your SD card. Which is a resent endeavor, so I could imagine them open to the idea.

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Yea especially since we have to buy bigger storage in the first place...

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Another feature that could be used as a selling point that Nintendo is ignoring.
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There are other, cheaper machines on the marketplace that provide that service should you continue to desire it.