Question about n64 controller

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I just bought a lot of n64 stuff off a guy yesterday. He had two clear black controllers in there, and they go for around 20 bucks on ebay. Here is a link to one so you can see.

But I also found this other clear black controller on ebay with the title "NINTENDO 64 N64"LIMITED CLEAR BLACK CONTROLLER"64DD. Here is a link to it.

As you can see from the links, that clear black controller in the second link goes for almost 130 dollars. I am wondering why the one in the second link goes for so much more? Is it the 64DD (whatever that is) that makes it worth more???

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@marc32123: The DD stands for disc drive, it was a peripheral nintendo was making that would fit underneath the 64 and it used hard disc (kinda like zip drive) disc for games. They never released it in the US though so maybe it was part of a special N64+DD bundle or its fake.