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Since WB now owns TT, wouldn't Lego Harry Potter make a pretty decent game, if they haven't begun to make it already?

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No Lego Batman is coming in September
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I'd like to see a Lego Jurassic Park...
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I'd like to see a Lego Jurassic Park...Paleo_Orca
lol just buy the toys. Go play Turok on the N64 or the SNES Jurassic Park
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lol then i think there should be a LEGO WOW
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Lego WOW? Lol :P
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[QUOTE="Paleo_Orca"]I'd like to see a Lego Jurassic Park...air_wolf_cubed
lol just buy the toys. Go play Turok on the N64 or the SNES Jurass Park

I did have the Lego jurassic park toys :P That's why I want a Lego Jurassic Park

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lego Harry Potter would be beastly.
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Lego Lord of the Rings
Lego Doctor Who

Lego Playboy Mansion
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[QUOTE="air_wolf_cubed"]Lego Playboy MansionSancroff

Hmmm. What would the objective of that game be?..........Oh! :oops:

It would be to light up Hugh Heffner "All your womenz are belong to me"
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Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter in Lego form seem like cool ideas in my opinion. I only played and enjoyed the Star Wars ones but Star Wars and Indiana Jones aren't my favorite movies. I do look forward to Lego Batman though. :)
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There's already a lego harry potter

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Lego My Pet Horsez.
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There have been Lego Harry Potter Games but TT hasn't had any involvement in them. My little brother bought the Sorcerer's Stone one for the PC and it's really bad. A Lego Harry Potter game along the lines of Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Batman would be much better.
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Lego my Eggo.

For the greater part of my childhood i could've sworn they were talking about the toys.

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sims lego!

final legotansy 7

splinter lego i dare...metal lego gear!?

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Well, I think more Lego Star Wars is in order, that's just me though.
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Lego HAS come out with "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" Legos. So another Lego Star Wars COULD happen. But I think they're done.