Kamiya on Bayonetta Wii U

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 https://twitter.com/PG_kamiya/status/289665988360810496 How would you like to see it on Wii U? eShop or Retail Disc http://www.cubed3.com/news/17876/1/platinum-games-on-bayonetta-1-for-wii-u-eshop.html
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So, who's gonna start Operation Witchcraft?
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Doesn't matter which method as long as it's giving Nintendo-only players a chance to experience it before diving in Bayonetta 2. Makes sense.

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So, who's gonna start Operation Witchcraft?OreoMilkshake
It's already in motion, the Umbra Witches are encamping around Sega's HQ as I type.
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Just wait for Bayonetta 2.

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If its not retail i'm not buying it.

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Retail. But why not Both?
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It sounds interesting to me as I've been a single platform gamer all the time and missed several good titles last gen (Wii) and the gen before (GC). Regards!
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If its not retail i'm not buying it.

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Retail. But why not Both?nini200
Because a lot of people would throw a fit if it was more than $15, and if they shipped it they'd have to sell it for like $30 to make a profit most likely, with added in shipping/packaging/retail costs. If it was an eShop download you eliminate all of that, and could theoretically have a lower price point like $15-$20.
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Depends what price they intend to sell it at on either format but I'd prefer retail.

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That would rock, I never played the first one (I only have Nintendo consoles).