How many controllers does the Wii come with?

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How many controllers does a Wii come with? How much do controllers cost?
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The Wii comes packaged with 1 Wii Remote and 1 Nunchuck. Not sure what country you live in, but here in the US seperate controllers are priced as follows...

Wii Remote: $39.99

Nunchuck: $19.99

Cl@ssic: $19.99

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for europe the wiimotes cost around 50 euro, nunkchucks and classic controllers both cost 25 euro
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For one of your controllers you should get Wii Play, it comes with some basic games and a Wii Remote for $50.
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Not enough....
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Does Wii play come with the Wii? Can someoen name everythign that comes with a Wii?
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when you get a wii you get the wii console,one wii remote,one nunchuck,two bateries,the power suply,an rgb cable,a stand for wii,wii sports,and the sensor bar.wii play is sold seperately.

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I got wii psorts mixed up with wii play.

How is Super Smash Bros Brawl?

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super smash bros brawl is one of the best games this is one of the best multiplayer games ever and this time it has a great online too.the single player mode is awesome too.if you play it online and with friends this game simply will never get old.
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Smash is great.
There's plenty of unlockables that'll take at least 50 hours to find everything.
The multiplayer is great.
The online is meh.

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for europe the wiimotes cost around 50 euro, nunkchucks and classic controllers both cost 25 euroYo-gan

i don't know which european country ur talking about but here in germany the wiimote is always 40euro and the nunchuck and classic are both 20 euro.

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Wiimotes are at a moderate price till u factor in the knunchuck:(

But yes... if u have the opportunity to purchase games that package in the remote... why not?

I am getting Mario Kart in a few and that brings the Steering Wheel so... Yay for me :)

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console comes standard with 1 wiimote + 1 nunchuk. You should consider buying wiiplay, it comes with a wiimote and a game that displays a few ways the wiimote can be used, at a fair price of $50.