Different color Wii consoles???

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#1 Posted by megaman20999 (252 posts) -
Hi guys, it might sound stupid cus i haven't been around in awhile.

Any update on the different color systems yet?
I really wanted to get a black or green one

#2 Posted by Warfust (3045 posts) -
I have not heard anything yet. If they do soon I'll buy one and sell my white one to my brother ;)
#3 Posted by megaman20999 (252 posts) -
yea i hope to get one when college is finished (april). Hopefully i don't have to get white it doens't match my tv/speakers/set-up at all. it will look like sh*t
#4 Posted by reggie186 (3909 posts) -
Yeah...there hasn't been any sort of announcement about new colors.
#5 Posted by reggie186 (3909 posts) -
Excuse me, I meant that there has been no announcement when new colors are coming out.