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Have you seen some interesting forum posts this week? Did you write an amazing blog about games? Perhaps you reviewed one of the new releases or an oldie that you felt needed another moment in the spotlight.

Well my friend, you've come to the right place.

We want you to share your content, and we mean all of it.

Your blogs, your reviews, your art, your videos, your twitch streams. You name it, as long as it's related to video games we want a link to it.

Submitting is easy; simply leave a forum post in this thread about the content that you wish to highlight, or someone else's content on GameSpot that you feel deserves a little shout out and we may feature it in on our community blog and across our social feeds.

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@Blabadon: You are just everywhere on these threads lol

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I will kick things off by posting a blog I wrote and a recent review!

The blog is about how Nintendo platformers have evolved and where they should go next (I guess that sums it up... maybe) and the review is of Super Mario 3D World.

It is not my most recent review, but it is the most recently released game I have a review for.

I am looking forward to what will come up in this thread.

EDIT: Apparently the link to my review is not working properly and I can't fully view my review, because whenever I click on it I get redirected to the page that lists all user reviews.

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Wait, how come a GameSpot staff is joking around? And why is the user with the Diddy Kong picture a moderator but not considered a moderator? I would like to know.