3d movies for 3ds (3ds xl) ?

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I read some stories dated ~2011 that netflix would support 3d movies on the 3ds platforms. But, while I can connect to netflix and play movies flat, I can not play 3d movies or shows -- even ones that say "in 3d on selected devices" (like "Oscar's Oasis 3d")

Did netflix stop supporting 3d for the 3ds? I have searched for announcements or articles about it and all I can find are a) announcing support, and b) "trouble connecting to netflix" posts (which usually get resolved by redownloading the netflix app)

Is there any other source for 3d movies viewable on the 3ds/3ds xl ?

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Good question.

I'm not sure I could watch a feature length film like that. I had hoped that when the youtube app arrived, it would have support for 3d (there's a lot of 3d content on youtube) but no dice. So far the Nintendo Video app remains the main source for 3d video content on the device.

I believe the game Tekken came with a feature length 3d movie included in the package, but to date that's the only example I'm aware of.

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@Audacitron: I've watched movies on a Palm TX, and this is a much larger screen. Dunno if the 3d for that length would burn my eyes out or not though. However, it would be interesting to try. Some shorter things (like the LEGO shorts) would probably be quite fun in 3d. Now, the Nintendo video app seems to come up with random selections ... there is no archive or menu or search with that, is there?

(also one of the two I've tried on that had miscalibrated the dual images, and it was completely unwatchable.)

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@rmhartman: Unfortunately no, there doesn't seem to be any archive or menu to access additional content on Nintendo Video.

I don't have the Xl, I just stuck with the original, it's fine for most things, but it's really a smaller screen than I'd personally want to be watching movie length content on. I would like the option just the same.

Judging by some of the 3d movie trailers they've had on Nintendo Video, I don't think the 3d is as pronounced in content produced for the cinema. I remember the trailer for Phantom Menace was on the 3ds, and the depth was barely a few millimeters. It was barely perceptible, compared to content produced for 3ds, like the Kid Icarus shorts, which jumps out quite a bit more.

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Ok, similar related question regarding youtube. Youtube does have some 3d videos on it (e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kxmKdlnUpQ -- a trailer for "Avatar") I can see it 3d on an HTC Evo 3d (Android Smartphone) but using the 3ds xl youtube app ... nope. Just side-by-side stereo frames, no true 3d. Has Nintendo just given up on making use of 3d resources that other manufacturers can clearly render properly ?

I mean, I like the 3d games but I thought this thing could also display 3d streaming videos.