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Arrington's improved at the outside corner position, very impressed at his filling in for Talib today.

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Almost like the same type of hit from early.

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How do the Pats allow that.

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My quarterback cannot throw and catch the ball at the same time

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Rough Boston sports week so far. Luckily the Bruins won.

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I don't even know what to say anymore...

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Hehe Thank you, brady.

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@sfkm2 said:

Hehe Thank you, brady.

Ha Ha you feel dumb now.

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WTF! Why couldn't they just run the clock down after the int! Let's NOT GET COCKY!

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I would like to believe I wouldn't have been one of those fans who left after the second turnover on downs.

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@PSP107: I didn't feel dumb since it happen awhile ago. Also. They should ran the clock down after the int instead of being cocky.

KC and Den - 6-0.

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I demand a fucking rematch.

We'll see you in the Superbowl.

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Of course it going happen. NE vs NO Rematch!

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@sfkm2: Yeah that was bad clock management.

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@PSP107: I was thinking to myself, "WTF Sean & Brees doing" You letting Big head Brady back on the field. NO!!!!! Well, we on bye for next week.

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@sfkm2: ouch a bye. I'd be pissed if the Pats lost and then couldn't play for two weeks.

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@sherman-tank1: *putting on my NFL wish list*

Like Silverbond said. Rematch for SB. Let it happen!

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@sherman-tank1: Win or loss today we would have needed a bye badly after today's losses of Amendola, Mayo and Talib.

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Damn, I wish I didn't turn off that Taints game after Brady threw that pick with like 2 minutes left... wtf? I assumed that was a lock for NO to run out the clock.

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@sfkm2: Captain Hindsight to the rescue!

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^ Ok....?

Anyway. Energy drained after the end results of the NO vs NE game. Now we got Cowboys vs Redskin. Hmmm Tough call.

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Alright, have kids alone tonight so I have to manage my anger better. No yelling curse words!

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@Chutebox: Lmao. Go 'Boys!!

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@sfkm2: They tried to run the clock out but couldn't, it's easy to pretend they made a bad choice by trying a pass.

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@Chutebox: Now you making me go for Redskins.

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Nice, balanced offense on that drive.

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Tough win for the Hawks. They need to start playing better in the first half.

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@maninflames-77 said:

Tough win for the Hawks. They need to start playing better in the first half.

Yeah, the offense is boring. Roll out after roll out. Unleash Russell, please.

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Come on, get the freaking block and it's a TD..

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Learn how to tackle you scrubs. I wish we had 11 Sean Lee's on the field.

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Fucking horseshot

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Refs always cover for the boys.

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Fuck both of these dog ass teams.

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@monkeytoes61: They're not leashing him, they're protecting him I bet.

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LOL @ that penalty.

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When was thelast time we had two separate penalties on the coaching staffs?

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This weak ass d line pressuring him a lot. Just saying

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Looking forward to Bob proving again that he is a giant douche

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@Chutebox: Yeah, pretty embarrassing. Hatcher is the only one that's good at rushing the passer on the line right now.

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@Chutebox said:

Looking forward to Bob proving again that he is a giant douche

Whatever dude, the name is offensive and Bob Costas is the smartest man in sports.

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@GotFiveRings: haha

And thank you for not letting me down, Bob

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So if a small amount of people within a minority group find a name offensive, we should ban it?

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Good 1st half.

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@sherman-tank1 said:

So if a small amount of people within a minority group find a name offensive, we should ban it?

If the name is akin to a team being called the N**gers or Sp*cs, yes, it should be removed.

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Harris having a game! GOOOOOD!

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LMFAO griffin what a scrub. Boys run the East #dealwithit.