WWE 2K15 - Sting Pre-Order Trailer

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I saw this last night on Raw. They mic'd the crowd and there was a huge pop when the orchastra turned around and revealed the Sting makeup and when Sting was shown on stage. The cheers turned to boo's after they realized it was just for the 2K15 video game instead of a live appearance. I was disappointed too, lol. It's an epic trailer nonetheless though.

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That was epic. Loved watching Sting back in the day on WCW, both versions of him. He's just such a great guy, and a terrific performer. If he does actually do a stint in WWE, it would be very part time, and very brief. He's aged better than others, but the man IS in his fifties… and after what happened to Jerry Lawler after the last time he wrestled, (he went back to the announce table and the whole world heard him have a heart attack on national television, despite passing all the required health checkups and tests before performing) WWE seems reluctant to let older men wrestle at all anymore.

They say he may do a program with Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31, but by then Undertaker will also be in his fifties. (he's 49 now, and already suffers from some pretty awful wear and tear)

But err, yeah, I may actually think about picking this up now. Haven't bought a WWE game since the PS2.