Who is your favorite TF2 character?

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Who is your favorite TF2 character? Both in play and conceptually.

my favorite to play is the Medic, but Scout is my favorite in concept and character.

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All of them

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I love the spy and pyro equally. I simply love causing panic and confusion amongst the enemy team.

Pyro may be my favourite design-wise as well.

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Scout Probably.

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@SovietsUnited said:

All of them

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My favorite to play as is Pyro, although the Demoman is in an extremely close second (he's so good for defending CP's!).

My favorite conceptually is Soldier. He's just so serious that it's goofy. Plus he has a fantastic line in the new "Expiration Date" video.

"Anyone have any questions?

Soldier: Yes. I have a question.

What is your question?

Soldier: I teleported bread.

How much bread did you teleport?

Soldier: I have done nothing but teleport bread for the past 72 hours.

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Yeah, all of them.

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I have never played any role other than Spy.