Who is your favorite sidekick?

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While I am not a huge fan of sidekicks in general every once in a while a shining brilliant example of one comes to the forefront and really helps his hero out. As a huge Mario fan I would figure that Yoshi would be my favorite sidekick but I have never cared for Yoshi (even though my kids LOVE him!). As much as I dislike Sonic I have always been fond of Tails and he has been my default go to guy since he debuted back in Sonic 2 on the Sega Genesis. Chocobo might have given him a run for his money but I think of Chocobos more as mascots then proper sidekicks.

Well, I think Tails has finally been dethroned. I have been playing through a game called Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure for the Nintendo 3DS and the protagonist, Phantom R, has a dog named Fondue who serves as his trusty sidekick. Fondue is as helpful as he is humorous, often biting those who set themselve up in opposition to Phantom R. Fondue reminds me of what a good sidekick can be.

Who is your favorite sidekick and why?

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Although theres loads of great ones to choose from I think Clank gets it for me. The chemistry between him & Ratchet is really sweet, they are buddies who look out for each other & care.
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I have to say it's a toss up between Otacon and Sully.

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I am drawing a blank here, since I usually don't like them either. With that said, there are some great ones.

Well what counts as a sidekick? Do any playable characters in JRPG's count as a sidekick?

If so, I would say Guillo from Baten kaitos Origins.

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Definately a tie between Sheva Alomar and (Brainwashed) Jill Valentine. Do the sidekicks of villains count ?
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ORANGE LIGHTNING...er I mean...Daxter.

I also like Sully from Uncharted.

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Three way fight to the death between Daxter (Jak) Clank (Ratchet) Sully (Uncharted).

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Nick "I f*cked up, it's yellow" Carlyle from Lollipop Chainsaw. Being a talking head looks so kick ass.

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Sam and Max worked well.

and Alyx Vance(sort of sidekick) in HL2

and in Fable 1+2 the dog.

More of sidekicks is the chaps from Bad Company I liked their banter :)

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Dogmeat - Fallout 3

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Dogmeat - Fallout 3


Dogmeat is the ultimate sidekick. The only time I had to reload Fallout 3 was when he died.

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Lot of great ones posted already, Tails, Sam & Max, Otacon.

I want to mention the pets from the Torchlight games. Even though they are noninteractive and different for every player, I did think the npcpets added a lot to the game and I found myself caring for mine. :P

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I like Tatl from Majora's Mask because she actually plays a cool role in the story and she's not annoying as hell.

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I've never really thought about it actually. But I do like Baird and Cole from the Gears of War series. Dom too, but Baird and Cole make me laugh and all of them together are just a fun team in general.
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Sergeant Johnson in Halo games (if that counts).

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Playing through Arkham City for the first time (pretty early on)

If Catwoman counts, she would be a good pick. I wish the game revolved around her instead of him :P.

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Cujo bot in Quake.


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  • Victor "Sully" Sullivan - Uncharted series
  • Clank - Ratchet and Clank series
  • Sheva Alomar - Resident Evil 5