Which game on this list would you like to see a sequel to?

Posted by samanthademeste (1216 posts) 8 months, 23 days ago

Poll: Which game on this list would you like to see a sequel to? (12 votes)

Baldurs Gate 50%
Planescaoe: Torment 25%
Icewind Dale 25%

I would like to see an Icewind Dale 3, though a Baldurs Gate 3 and/or a Planescape 2 would be nice as well.

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Where is the choice "none, all were games that is easy to forget".

#3 Posted by Archangel3371 (16070 posts) -

I'd love to see a Baldur's Gate sequel. Icewind Dale would be a very close second though.

#4 Posted by Mesomorphin (864 posts) -

none of those games! HALO WARS 2

#5 Posted by psp_mtness (814 posts) -

definitely would love to see a baldars gate 3, the first two brought me countless hours of fun and enjoyment

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A Red Dead Redemption sequel would be awesome.

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Damn it that was tough! I choose planescape but a BG sequel would be equally great.

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I'd like to see another turn based ad&d game in the Planescape setting, but not a direct sequel because the story of the nameless one is over.

Same goes for Baldurs Gate. No need for a sequel as that story is over, but I'll take more unrelated d&d adventures in the Forgotten Realms or other d&d settings, for that matter. (no it doesn't need to be the Sword Coast if it's FR)

IF it's done by ppl who can make a proper d&d game of course, which is a big if.

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I have not played any of the games on that list (I'm a heathen, I know).

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Icewind Dale 2, sign me up please...

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Icewind Dale 3 I guess, for the reasons jeager_titan wrote

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@lilcookie16 said:

A Red Dead Redemption sequel would be awesome.

or max payne 4

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After much deliberation...

I don't care for any of those games :/

Nice poll -__-

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How about a bigger list with more games on - never played any of those games, nor do I have any desire for them to have a sequel