What kind of Extreme sports game you enjoyed the Most?

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There have been several popular extreme sports games over the past decade, you know SSX, Skate, Tony Hawks, Dave Mirra bmX and Math Hoffman etc...which ones you like the most and why?

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Downhill Domination on the PS2

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@MonsieurX said:

Downhill Domination on the PS2

ah man you beat me to it..!!

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Sled Storm

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BMX XXX.... what?

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Mirror's Edge. In a way it does count; the game is all about parkour.

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the first 3 tony hawks pro skater were awesome. it got stale for me after that

first 2 skate games were awesome....skate 3 was ehh

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Yea, I guess Mirror's Edge.

I want a good skydiving/BASE/Wingsuit game. Farcry 3 and 4 have wingsuits but I want a dedicated game that models all the top mountain ranges around the world, has various equipment, training courses, multiplayer races. This may sound really boring, which I can understand, but I think if the presentation were done right and they could nail the feeling of the freedom of freefall it'd be amazing.

I also desperately want a good surfing game with realistic water physics.

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Mirrors Edge as a parkour games qualifies extreme sports genre too! I personally liked Tony Hawks Pro Skater and American Wasteland the most! The new virtual reality concept with Oculus Rift, gives much more chances for the developers to make creative games like for Base jumping and Surfing etc

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Manhunt ps2 that was extreme!

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Skitchin' , Tony Hawk, 1extreme, Skate or Die!, 1080 Snowboarding (all of which need new games).

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Although I loved the THPS games, they don't hold a candle to the great Tony Hawk's Underground 1 & 2. I absolutely loved those games and miss the arcade-like, fun style those games possessed in their subject matter and gameplay.

I never did play Proving Ground though I've been tempted to pick it up for $10 the past couple years. I should maybe do that sometime.

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I loved Shaun White Snowboarding. It was cool being able to chopper up to a peak and just shoot down the entire mountain. The way the modes worked was pretty awesome, too- GTAO reminds me a lot of the way SWSB was structured.

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Dead or Alive Extreme beach volleyball. Because reasons. :p

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Mirror's Edge, Pilotwings/Piltowings 64, Wave Race 64, Trial's Fusion, Forsaken [xD].