What is your favorite wrestling game of all time?

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#1 Posted by LstDrivenMchine (149 posts) -

Mine would still be WWF Attitude on the PS1. Oddly, I find it better than any of THQ's take on WWE/F games.

#2 Posted by HallowBastion (9906 posts) -

Good Question. Honestly, probably Smackdown vs Raw 2006. Not saying it's the best, but it's the one I had the most fun with.

#3 Posted by nova316 (6 posts) -

I'd say either the WCW Vs. NWO Revenge on the N64 or the 2 WWE games (WWE Wrestlemania 2000 & WWE No Mercy) Honorable mention, WCW Vs NWO World Tour in 1997 THE GAME THAT CHANGED IT ALL!!

#4 Posted by RenegadePatriot (20815 posts) -
I do not know if I could really pick one, each one had their ups and downs.
#5 Posted by DeadMan1290 (15499 posts) -

Here Comes The Pain. Huge roster, great graphics, really fun.

#6 Posted by Borderlands666 (18 posts) -

Wrestle mania 2000 and No Mercy on the N64, I loved those 2. But honestly My favorite game of all time Is Royal Rumble on the SNES. That game kicked ass. And still does. These modern games don't do it for me. Sure they got flashy graphics and some other updated stuff....they are just no fun.

EDIT: As someone previously mentnioned the N64 WcW games were the S*** too. Honestly wrestling games are pretty much the only thing I played on the N64 its whole life span lol.

#7 Posted by IshantheRocker (119 posts) -

Well mine is WWE12..... lets see wat WWE 13 got...

#8 Posted by PSP107 (11705 posts) -
Here Comes The Pain despite its billion flaws. And WCW/NWO Revenge
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#10 Posted by slayersith1720 (23 posts) -

Any of the N64 wrestling games including Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 and all the Fire Pro games.

#11 Posted by new_gamer244 (268 posts) -

wwf wreselfset - playing it on mame emulator:)

love it!

#12 Posted by Mr_Intense (59 posts) -
Here Comes The Pain, if nothing else for the title histories.
#13 Posted by The_Last_Ride (69889 posts) -
Here Comes The Pain without a shadow of a doubt
#14 Posted by Gamertag-TFTW (2232 posts) -

My favorite one is WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007. dunno why its just the one I played a lot. but i have a lot of nostalgia for wwf wrestlemania on the nes

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#16 Posted by KingWrath (7 posts) -

WWF Just Bring It - Sony Playstation 2

WWE Day of reckoning - Nintendo Gamecube

#17 Posted by TonyDanzaFan (2973 posts) -

In real time, as in when it came out, probably Shut Your Mouth or HCTP. Over time, probably SYM or No Mercy. I never played No Mercy when it came out, but I got it a few years ago, and after figuring out the controls, I learned to really love it. Right now I am enjoying WWE 13. If the game didn't have soooo many glitches and problems then it would be #1, but the glitches are a serious issue right now.

#18 Posted by despa1r_fact0r (24609 posts) -

It's a tie between WCW/nWo Revenge and WWF No Mercy

#19 Posted by Ashkantehrany (9 posts) -
It's WWE 13.Had more fun and memories with Smackdown VS. Raw 2008 though. And the worst was Legends Of WrestleMania.
#20 Posted by AK74GunGuy (3 posts) -

WWf attitude was the best!!

#21 Posted by TTGSteve (28 posts) -

I played the N64 wrestling games more than any wrestling games ever. You know, WCW/NWO Revenge, Wrestlemania 2000, etc... I loved those games so much.

#22 Posted by thebest31406 (3320 posts) -
It's a toss up between No Mercy and HCTP
#23 Posted by GamingPalooza (13 posts) -
Its probably a tie between WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game, WWF Wrestlefest, and WCW vs nWo Revenge
#24 Posted by GamingPalooza (13 posts) -
I must say... I never liked the Raw vs Smackdown, or WWE 12, 13 games... The most current wrestling game that I really liked the most was WWE Day of Reckoning 2, which is an awesome wrestling game. Also TNA iMPACT! was fun even though it was lackluster, but it was their first game so it was great for the first, especially 2 - 4 player X matches.
#25 Posted by VirtualAntics (553 posts) -

I'll always have good memories of WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role.

#26 Posted by bultje112 (1867 posts) -

hard to say. I have a number that I like for different reasons:

fire pro d

fire pro r

virtual pro wrestling 64

virtual pro wrestling 2

day of reckoning 2

all star pro wrestling 3.

#27 Posted by BarbaricAvatar (977 posts) -

Smackdown vs Raw 2006.

I played most of the PS2 wrestling games (and a few on the PS1), and the above had the most content to keep me interested. I'm not a big fan of sports or fighting games.

#28 Posted by Jadetea (4 posts) -
For me, it has to be the old school WWF Royal Rumble game of the early 90's. A screenshot is in my sig. I have played many of the newer games, which comparatively have like 1000% more features (including the WWE 13 edition). For me, this was one of the first wrestling games I ever played, and it's simple button layout, multiple wrestlers in one ring possibility, and it's association with my favourite wrestling ppv, all make this one my fave of all time.
#29 Posted by caliswiss2 (1 posts) -
Man, lots of people saying 2000 wrestling games. For me it would have to be the 90s, thats when wrestling in general, was at its finest, and if u grew up in that era, know what I m talking about. Ne who, for me I got 3 favorite wrestling games. WWF Warzone, surprising no1 even mention this one. WCW vs NWO World Tour HANDS DOWN WWF Royal Rumble
#30 Posted by nini200 (9489 posts) -
WWF Wrestlemania PS1 (90's version with the ultra combos). Best Wrestling game ever, Revenge and No Mercy comes next then Shut Your Mouth
#31 Posted by RobbHunter (34 posts) -
There are two which I remember being equally great when I was a kid -- WWF Raw for Genesis, and Royal Rumble for SNES.
#32 Posted by MVCFreak (184 posts) -

Def Jam Vendetta has got to be the best wrestling game in my opinon.

#33 Posted by J_Edwards (24 posts) -
My Favorite Wrestling game is RAW2013....
#34 Posted by SavoyPrime (40915 posts) -
Definitely WWF No Mercy or Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. Nothing beats that AKI grappling engine. Really wish these modern WWE games would get up on that. I'm just not a fan of Yukes at all.
#35 Posted by Zanman720 (257 posts) -

WWE 12. The tweaks they made with WWE Universe mode made it the most entertaining game in my opinion. In terms of time played, that's probably my top one in terms of wrestling games. Spent hours upon hours making my own custom storylines.


WWE 13, tweaked on it as well and added more. But we have WWE 12 for pushing it in the major direction that it did. 


And yeah, Smackdown vs Raw 2011 played a bigger role in the WWE Universe mode, But i couldn't stand the controls compared to WWE 12. 

#36 Posted by StaticKornSlipX (8259 posts) -
WWE Smackdown Here Comes the Pain is my favorite game. Awesome career mode, up to 6 human-controlled players, solid CAW system, and a deep roster. One of my go to party games along with Super Smash Brothers Melee.
#37 Posted by DangerRemix (189 posts) -
This is a tough one, which all the old school wrestling games, were way better than todays crappy wrestling games. My fav. top 3 is WWF Attitude, Smackdown, WCW vs NWO World Tour, which was one the best on N64 and ahead of its time. At end of the day love them ALL (old school).
#38 Posted by bl00dline954 (102 posts) -

WCW vs NWO Revenge for N64 was my favorite. I really liked how each wrestler had I think it was 3 or 4 different outfits you could basically make, but people got creative and edited them to create other wrestlers, especially from the WWF. Made the game a little more fun. 

#39 Posted by yaykonidas (0 posts) -
wwf the best game