what are some good free to play mmo games

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Does anyone know of any good free to play mmo games
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try Dragon Oath India :D its my all time FTP MMO Game :) download from herehttp://do.cyou.co.in/

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I was a beta tester for a really cool game called Vigilante: Speak for the Dead. its a free mmorpg coming out for for iPhone, Android, and Facebook next month. It was awesome! www.facebook.com/divisivemedia check out that page to get some info on the game. It might be what you're looking for
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This is MMORPG has advanced far in development but is lacking players ultimately. While we offer a community that you can interact with; there is also many options this game provides that can grab the attention of a 100 year old man! - Auto Attack - Mining and Forge for advanced weapons - Raise your Stats how you want to with Stat Points every level! - Rand drops for Gold, Stat Points, Blood, Mystery Bags, Demon Spawns, Cash, Items, and more! -Fighter class with advancements: Fighter II Fighter III Fighter IV Fighter V Assassin Assassin II Assassin III Assassin IV Assassin V Warrior - Mage class with advancements: Mage II Mage III Mage IV Mage V Sorcerer Sorcerer II Sorcerer III Sorcerer IV Sorcerer V Elemental -Group Demon boss fights with two types(Beginners, and Advance) -Guild options to increase Gold and Experience gains in Battle -Gain free Cash by using the Vote page -Climb to the top list and pass your friends -Scavenger for rewards. -Pvp system like no other! This is only so little of what The Fallen Immortals brings to the table of MMORPG's out there! Come Join us today to see what else you can do. There is always someone logged in to help!
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i am also searching for some good mmo games as of the moment anybody has a list of mmo games that is currently active?
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MMO Attack has a great games list for free to play MMOs, constantly updated too: http://mmoattack.com/free-mmo-games/free-mmorpg I'd say right now the best is DC Universe Online. really fun.
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I like RaiderZ.
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Vigilante: Speak for the Dead is now available in the Australian app store, and will be available internationally before Christmas. also will be available for Android and Facebook
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Best free to play MMO is E-Sim. Browser based game with great community. http://primera.e-sim.org/lan.221772/
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come play cabal with me! i just started playing it :3 we can do quests and instances together~ i play in Mercury server ign Lysellei http://www.cabal.com/
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Tons of games are free to play now. I loved Star Wars the Old Republic when I played. I'm waiting for Marvel Heroes though. Planetside 2 is great if you want an MMOFPS instead of the usual RPG. Sandbox MMOs are definitely my favorite though. There is so much creativity. I just got into MMOs the past few years but everything I find is through MMOAttack.com. They are a bit easier to navigate than some other MMO sites I find. Plus they have a sexy host who wears pokemon shirts ^.^ Here's a top 10 video they made for some free to play mmo games on Steam. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlNAZGLPzdQ&list=PLQXt1_wyu0cSVJo9pE_kF9Gcufzjynn59 I loved the sandbox list though. Also some good free stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSpsBFACOo8
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I would say Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. It's been out for awhile now (since 2008) and looks really fun. Kinda looks similar to Warhammer Online. Anyways, check it out.
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Hey, Could we consider Minecraft as an MMO? The point is that there is many who classify Minecraft as an Online Game!! Are both suggestions right? Thanks
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Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeon and Dragons Online, Stars Wars The Old Republic and Tera.
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Dragon Nest

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try www.oberin.com
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Runescape...if you're looking to piss off 13 year olds while playing a game that you can't take all that seriously.
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Runescape...if you're looking to piss off 13 year olds while playing a game that you can't take all that seriously. emistz
Runescape is a good game. I play Mortal Online myself. OP if your looking for a game that is free OR subbed then check out Mortal Online. With it's newest patch increasing the entire games performance, it's full loot system ( no safe zones ) anyone can be attacked at anytime game style where the risk vs reward is FUN and get the adrenaline going...Mortal Online is my game of choice. After playing many MMO's I just don't find many fun or rewarding like full loot games. All I can say is turn your CRYBOTS off and enter a world with a unique offering. To OP if anyone replies saying Mortal Online is glitch and buggy as all hell.. Disregard that as the last patch took care of most performance issues. I really can't believe the game is so much smoother. They also did other cool things and are doing even more getting ready to introduce new character models (not new races or characters but redoing the current graphics on the current characters). This will improve the games looks and performance even more!
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There are a lot of good ones out.  May I suggest WorldAlpha?  We just went into Open Beta.

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I play a game called Face of Mankind. It's an indie 3rd person shooter mmo set in a Deus Ex esq world. Players create factions, everything from megacorporations to mercenary bands and casinos. They fight for territory and influence in the various political organizations in game. The games original version is down right now while the kickstarter campaign runs. You can find out more about it at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nexeon/face-of-mankind-fall-of-the-dominion
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I just started playing http://www.celebpimp.com , it was down for a long time but they finally brought it back up again!
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If you're tired of 3D stuff or you just can't launch your game in work or places like that I would recommend simple browser games. The http://www.margonem.com is pretty interesting because it's new so you won't encounter their noobs, beggars and all the plague of MMO games.
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https://register.perfectworld.com/raiderz_splash/309d3ca63e31591e0c8e73f8da84acb4 Raiderz. One of the best F2P games out there.
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may i suggest D.A.N.E since joining i have nearly given up my other games. if you wanna give it a try then come join me.... http://www.d-a-n-e.com/register.php?REF=183
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I really love Vindictus. It's not like the typical MMO games out there and it's fast pace action. Played some RaiderZ before. But after I got to lvl 40 and no more quests to do, I got bored. Play some Tera also, which is a pretty good game.
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I've been playing http://www.celebko.com, it's really stupid but fun
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Don't know if it's still around, but APB Reloaded (I think that's what it's called) is kind of an MMO version of GTA
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Guild Wars 2 is probably one of the best right now, just don't play it like WoW, I know many people do and end up with a bad experience.
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Well I've been working hard on mine WorldAlpha for awhile.  Launching on July 30th.  Here's hoping players find it good! :)

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I heard runscape was just alright....false?
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[QUOTE="atticon40"]MMO Attack has a great games list for free to play MMOs, constantly updated too: http://mmoattack.com/free-mmo-games/free-mmorpg I'd say right now the best is DC Universe Online. really fun.

Ive heard a lot of good things about DC Universe. What makes it better then the rest tho?
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It really depends on what type of game you enjoy. Do you like PVP, PVE or both? I liked Runes of Magic for quite a while. Rift was interesting for a while. Age of wushu for PVP if you like it had some interesting twists. You don't lose out of giving them a try since they are Free to Play. I am more a fan of Pay to Play games but that's a whole other discussion and only my choice. Ask anything you want, maybe a little more specifics on what you like since a lot of us have played many, many games lol Good luck
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Personally I prefer SW The Old Republic and Planetside 2 (while a shooter it can be pretty MMO like once you get hundreds of players in a single fight).