well recived video games your never going to play

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what video games are you never gonna play despite much praise heres mine

little big planet 2(didnt like the first one so obviously im not gonna play its sequal)

heavy rain and beyond 2 souls(to depressing for me)

any sports game past extreme sports ones( dont care just dont care)

any mario game in recent years(dont care for the series there are better kid friendly games out there)

thats mine whats yours?

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Dark souls

Demon souls

Any sports game other than Fifa.

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Dark souls

Demon souls

Any sports game other than Fifa.

i played demonsouls it sucks balls wayyy to hard for its own good

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Uncharted series, Bioshock series, the majority of sports titles and anything Call of Duty post 2008.

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Call of Duty



Tomb Raider

Metal Gear Solid

And anything exclusive to Xbox One that's good.

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Dark souls

Demon souls

Any sports game other than Fifa.

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Several, but at the top of my head:

  • Metal Gear Solid series
  • Any Link/Zelda game
  • Any Xbox exclusive
  • Street Fighter
  • Pretty much any sport game
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Any racing sim or sports management game, as I get no enjoyment from them at all. Also, most military strategy/simulator games.

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@marcheegsr said:

Dark souls

Demon souls

Any sports game other than Fifa.

i played demonsouls it sucks balls wayyy to hard for its own good

Huh, and I actually thought it was a little bit too easy(going by my expectations of what everyone was saying). It can be hard at first though.

It is harder than the majority of games released last gen though that is for sure. Let's hope for more difficult games in the future, and less dumbing down.

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Bioshock, Half Life, Counter Strike, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, Portal, Peggle, Limbo, Dead Space, Resident Evil, Dark souls, Bayonetta, Starcraft 2, Minecraft are just a few games i would mention

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On topic:

Pretty much any online only game, and any sports games(aside from boxing, and Martial Arts games). It has gotten to a point where I won't play pretty much any FPS either.

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halo 3


heavy rain

the last of us

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Call of Duty


Final Fantasy


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There seems like a lot of good games I won't play: LBP after 1, Most Nintendo exclusives, most Xbox exclusives, many sports game (but not all of them,) and any PTP MMO.

Other games I may or may not play: The Batman Arkham series, Minecraft, HF, TF. And others

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Any nintendo exclusive.

Reason:I don't have a nintendo console and don't wish to purchase one just for a few games.

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  • the Witcher 1 & 2 i need a new pc
  • any of the 3D zelda games
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Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls: If I couldn't stand Uncharted 2 for being too focused on story, I can't imagine how unbearable these games would be.

TLOU: see above. I lost all faith in Naughty Dog after Uncharted 2 and I've heard and seen some of the practices I despised in U2 being employed in TLOU.

the GTA and COD series: GTA just never interests me and COD's a shooter... I don't like that genre or MMO and sports games for that matter.

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I'd never play any Final Fantasy VII and up, sports games or those massively popular first person shooters.

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I see people mentioning some of the same games as me. Glad i am not the only one

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Pretty much all the well received Indie games. I am too old and will not except anything less than modern graphics and size in my gaming experiences.

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Any new Mario games. God, Nintendo. Could you think of something new? Please?

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@ mckenz_a

Nope !

Why should they ?

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Probably the Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite. Last of Us because I don't have a PS3 and Infinite because honestly the first game was pretty bad.

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^ wise choice, Bioshock infinite was crap for me, and if you didnt like the first bioshock, u would hate bioshock infinite, infinitely more... since its even worse.

also, any Battlefield, COD game, or pretty much any future FPS killing game set in modern times real life

8 bit looking retro crap games, eg, Super Meat Boy

probably any Mario or Zelda games, even though they review well I have no interest in them whatsoever.

Pokomon games, they get good reviews but i will never touch them

Diablo 3, reviewed well, but i have played the other ones briefly and other types like this and hate it

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@marcheegsr said:

Dark souls

Demon souls

Any sports game other than Fifa.

looks like you guys will be missing out on the better game this year (PES 14) then lol.

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Dark souls series


Metal Gear series


Bioshock series