The games with DLC before release

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Why can companies get away with the idea they can have expansions before the game actually comes out? Example Destiny with two announced expansions before the game is even out.

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Game development isn't something where everybody involved is working on the main game at the same time so it makes sense that those currently not busy to be put to work on dlc. It's also beneficial to develop the main game with dlc already in mind so as to make it easier to implement it. I don't really have a problem with devs announcing dlc before the game comes out, I'll just decide which is worth what to me.

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You know how far in advance these companies plan things? Years (in some cases).

They don't have the time in between the beginning of development and release to do everything they want, so whatever content ideas come up during the development cycle, but cannot be handled in time for release, are left on the back-burner until they can be tackled.

There is a huge difference between content CUT from a final retail build of the game to be sold as DLC (see: Capcom for this wondrous practice) and making something that was planned, but couldn't be undertaken during normal development, and releasing it after some time after release.

I'm sure with Bungie, they are actually working on the expansion content as we speak (with smaller, side teams) but don't have the manpower, with the release of the alpha/beta and all the necessary online testing to get it out in time for retail release.


And to top it all off, you have to remember that most retail console games sell their best on the first day and within the first week of release. After that, sales for the game drop off DRASTICALLY, so companies have adopted the practice of encouraging early adoption with bonus content (whether planned or not) for those that buy a new, first-run copy.

You try and make a game that fits your original vision, with all the content you planned from the beginning, and not only release it on time, but on budget as well. You would be amazed at how much stuff gets cut from a game before it goes to pressing, and it isn't because the developer wants to gouge its customers (well, Capcom might). it's because they have to provide a (mostly) finished product that meets or exceeds their own, and their customer's standards. They can't do that if they ship a game with incomplete parts.


I personally have no issues with day-one DLC (in terms of codes shipped with retail copies) or post-release expansion content. It's part of the business, and if you want all the content for the game in a complete package, wait a year for the GOTY Edition.

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it's disgraceful and is anti-consumer to the core.

apologists will point to timelines, planning, development cycles and the like. all i have to say is ALL money going towards anything other than the game means that game is getting short-changed and is undeniably less than it could have been.

as well, to prove the point further all i have to ask is this? is that day1 and on disc dlc free? lol.